Who We Are

Vincent Fusco 

Pastor Vincent Fusco is the Executive Director of ACTS Community Development and the Lighthouse Mission. Rev. Fusco is an ordained minister. He graduated in 1964 with a B.A. from Pace College in NYC. In 1976 he became involved with a gospel church and began teaching and evangelizing with Catholic Charismatics. In 1982, with the encouragement of his pastor Dr. Benjamin Crandall and his son Douglas, Rev. Fusco founded the New Jerusalem Christian Church (now New Jerusalem City Church) in Gravesend, Brooklyn. Since then Pastor Vincent has conducted outreach to the needy and homeless in the greater Coney Island area and worked to combat racism and unite ministries across the city. He founded the Lighthouse Mission in Coney Island in 2002 and obtained permanent space for the Mission at our current location in 2004. Rev. Fusco and his wife Rev. Susan Mirti-Fusco continue to lead their congregation and advance their mission to help the poor in Brooklyn through the Lighthouse Mission, Rachel’s Joy Maternity Home, and the Mother & Baby Wellness Center.
Susan Mirti-Fusco
Apostle Susan Mirti-Fusco is the founder and CEO of Rachel's Joy Maternity Home, our sister organization located in Coney Island, Brooklyn. They provide placement, pre and post natal assistence for both mother and child, counseling, and mentorship. They also provide baby clothing and baby supplies. This ministry has been running for over 30 years.
Pastor Anthony(Tony) Robbins & Quaneesha Robbins
Tony Robbins is an ordained Minister who was born and raised in Coney Island. He attended South Carolina State University (HBCU) from 06-08. Tony had to leave college to help support his widowed mother and younger siblings. He is now the Lead Pastor and program director at Coney Island Lighthouse Mission/Acts Community Development. Tony has a passion to preach the gospel and help build up the lives of young men in his community. He has been working alongisde Reverend Fusco in fighting hunger, poverty, and drug abuse in the community of Coney Island. 
His wife Quaneesha Robbins is the assistant director for our outreach programs. They have three beautiful children and enjoy helping meet the needs of the people in the community.

Alma Leacock 

Alma Leacock is our soup kitchen cook and her food is "off of the charts!" She is famous for her curry chicken and white rice. Alma has been a faithful member of our mission since 2012. She is a single mother who has a passion for helping people in need.